Is generativity our primary role in retirement – Richard Weijo, Booming Encore

Is generativity our primary role in retirement

So often we view our life after work as being an ending stage. But here’s something to consider. Rather than having this perspective, why don’t we view it as a re-imagined, re-energized and generative phase in our life that will extend well into our 80s or 90s and beyond? Generativity is the gift to future generations.

Sociologists have been interested in the concept of generativity ever since Erik Erikson used this term in his eight-stage model of human development in 1950. In his model, generativity occurred primarily in the adult stage.

However, recognizing the number of years we will likely have in retirement, there is a strong case for adding more generativity activities in our 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Individuals live on through their generative products – their children and heirs, the organizations they supported, the music and art and books they created, the mark they left on society, etc.